5 Bucks and 2 Shares. That’s all.

February 6, 2015

5 Small Loaves

Just like you climb a long flight of stairs by taking one step at a time, I sincIMAG2772 (1)erely believe that the ideal way to fund an educational project on a topic as unknown and controversial as the Doctrine of Discovery is by simply asking people for 5 Bucks and 2 Shares.

Recently, in an article published on my blog, I laid out a vision for a national dialogue on race in a article titled “The Doctrine of Discovery- A Buried Apology and and Empty Chair.” We’re calling it a “Truth Commission”. A national conference hosted in Washington DC in December of 2016 to educate our citizens on the Doctrine of Discovery and build a platform that will give voice to scores of Native American boarding school survivors. Creating a space from them to share their stories and expose the truth that our nation and our churches…

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