Grounded Faith Formation

February 14, 2015


The Missional Life

Christian spiritual formation can take on an other-worldly emphasis from time to time. The evangelical American subculture (true for Catholics as well) is filled with retreat centers and other places where participants are invited to come away from their day to day life and spend time with God. In and of itself these centers of rest and respite are really important aspects to a life of faith, unless they become the only way we can envision drawing closer to God.

The Christian life is filled with subtle but deadly if onlys. I would be generous if only I made more. I would be prayerful if only I had the time. I would be kinder if I wasn’t so frazzled.

We have stopped looking at what has become of us as more a revelation of our true nature. When we are busy, when we are moody, when we are hungry, when we…

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5 Bucks and 2 Shares. That’s all..

5 Small Loaves

Just like you climb a long flight of stairs by taking one step at a time, I sincIMAG2772 (1)erely believe that the ideal way to fund an educational project on a topic as unknown and controversial as the Doctrine of Discovery is by simply asking people for 5 Bucks and 2 Shares.

Recently, in an article published on my blog, I laid out a vision for a national dialogue on race in a article titled “The Doctrine of Discovery- A Buried Apology and and Empty Chair.” We’re calling it a “Truth Commission”. A national conference hosted in Washington DC in December of 2016 to educate our citizens on the Doctrine of Discovery and build a platform that will give voice to scores of Native American boarding school survivors. Creating a space from them to share their stories and expose the truth that our nation and our churches…

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