The Holidays, Bah Humbug! –

November 26, 2014

The Holidays, Bah Humbug! –
Okay maybe not that bad? But I do dislike much about this season; all the commercialism, busyness and stress, not to mention tragic memories associated with this time of year. I wish we could somehow just have Thanksgiving Day with all the trimmings just magically appear and enjoy family fellowship. Then, the same for Christmas eve and morning.
Lord have mercy. }:-


(Un)gratitude #uncosyncroblog

November 19, 2014


It’s a post-modern title, I know. “Alright, stop what you’re doing because I’m about to ruin the image and style that you’re used to.”

Apparently this is about to be a brain dump, but first: For over the next year, if I can keep up – have you seen this blog? – I will be participating in the UncoSyncroblog, a project started by UNCO 2014 participants. We have been tasked, should we choose to accept it, to delve into the upside-down Kingdom values of Lord Jesus Christ and describe what we have found.

May you find the fruits of this be exercise a fraction of what it will do for me.

I try to be grateful. I really do. It’s been drilled into me by my parents, teachers and my incessant belief that I should not think too highly of myself. Actually what I believe is much more striking. I’m…

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