Giving is Weird

November 2, 2015

Yep, it is weird indeed. And it requires both faith and diligence on the part of the pastor and his family.

As a former elder in a large denomination and church, I had “intimate” experience with finances. I’m sure like all things, finances vary greatly between churches. I have been troubled though when I discovered that salaries, buildings, and programs left only about 5% for “mission”; the Kingdom allocation. }:- anonemoose monk 💔💜

david j burke

My family and I eat, sleep, and live because people have made a decision to be generous. Now, I know that the “right”  answer is that God provides through people’s gifts to our church.  But I often wonder for people outside the church, or outside knowing God, how weird all of that probably looks. I could picture this conversation, perhaps at the soccer field watching my kids practice.

“So you’re a pastor?”


“And you get paid because people decide to give out of their income each week, each month, or whenever they feel like it?”




“What happens if they decide not to do that anymore?”


“I don’t know…in other places I served, there were times I had to wait to get a paycheck, because our ministry didn’t have the money. But it eventually always showed up. There are a lot of generous people out there. And most churches…

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